COVID-19 Update

We understand how important your infection control testing is – especially right now. Here’s how we’re here to help:

  • Our office is open and continuing to operate under normal business hours (M-F 9-5 PST). We are maintaining our promise to process tests the day that they are received, and to report results the same day that incubation is complete.
  • We ensure that our biological spore strips have an expiration date of > 1 year from your date of purchase, so even if your business was closed temporarily your test kit will still be valid. If you place an order now, your test strips will be good until 12/31/2021 – so even if you’re not ready to start immediately, you can still maintain a full year of service without worrying about your strips expiring.
  • Did your strips expire while you were closed during the pandemic? Please let us know! As a small business, we understand that a lot of businesses are facing financial hardships right now, and we want to make sure that you are still able to keep your customers safe.

Any concerns? Please reach out! We can be reached by phone at 1(800)647-9881, or by email at