Infection Control. Simplified.

biofilm draft

An easy and reliable method to evaluate your dental irrigant water quality.

Simple to use

Collect water samples and return in the provided pre-paid mailer

Reliable Results

Provides third-party documentation of dental water quality based on heterotrophic plate counts

Fast Turnaround

Comprehensive laboratory report emailed after 72 hours of sample receipt

Dental Waterline Testing

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An easy and reliable method to routinely test your sterilizer.

Fast Turnaround

Results available in 1 business day for steam autoclaves, 3 days for chemical, and 7 days for dry heat & EtO

Easy to use

Simply include a test strip in your next sterilization run. Return the test strip in the provided mailer

Immediate Notification

Same day notification of failed tests by phone and email. Results are always available to view on your account

Autoclave Spore Testing

Pricing & Options

SporeAlert Autoclave Spore Testing

Dual species spore strips with matching control. Works with any commercial sterilizer. Results reported via email in 1 day for steam, 3 days for chemical, and 7 days for dry heat and EtO sterilizers. Immediate phone and email notification of failed tests.


BiofilmAlert Dental Unit Waterline Testing

Base Kit (1 sample vial)

What’s Included:

  • 1 Sterile Sample Vial
  • Insulated Mailing Pouch
  • 2 Ice Packs
  • Chain of Custody
  • Illustrated Instructions
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Overnight Return Postage to Laboratory
Each additional vial

Select 1 additional vial per device and/or source


Sign up for our subscription service and receive a new test kit automatically every 3 months.

Save 5% – and never forget about your quarterly compliance testing again!

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