Testing Instructions

It's simple to signup and test with BiofilmAlert.

Here's how to do it in three easy steps:

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Place an order online

Order as many, or as few, testing vials as you need depending on the size of your clinic. You'll need 1 vial per device and/or water source.

Collect your water samples

Take a water sample directly from each device and/or water source and ship your testing vials to our lab using the included prepaid UPS overnight shipping label.


View your results online

Results are reported by email approximately 72 hours after sample is received.

Need more detailed testing instructions?

Easy to follow instructions can be found in your testing kit. You can open a printable PDF of our BiofilmAlert Instruction Card, or see below for more detailed instructions.

WL 1



At least 24 hours before you collect water samples, place ice packs in your freezer.


Helpful tip
Do not collect samples on a Friday or the day before a holiday.
WL 2



Completely fill out the chain of custody form.  The number on each vial corresponds to the same number on the chain of custody form.

WL 3


Using sterile technique, collect water samples in provided vials. Fill each vial to at least 10mL. Replace cap tightly and ensure that the vial is sealed.

WL 4



Place ice packs and all water sample vials inside the metallic insulated pouch.

WL 5


Place the insulated pouch and completed chain of custody back into the original box. Package the box in the UPS express envelope provided.

Return your samples OVERNIGHT

UPS using the included prepaid shipping label.


Samples must ship via next-day service.
Samples must be received within 30 hours of collection.

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