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Infection Control in Tattoo Studios: Essential Practices for Ensuring Safe and Sterile Procedures

Proper infection control in tattoo studios begins with the selection of safe and sterile equipment. All needles, tattoo machines, and other tools must be sterile, and must be properly disposed…

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Understanding Autoclave Spore Test Strips: A Guide to Ensuring the Effectiveness of Your Sterilization Equipment

Autoclave spore test strips are small, self-contained units used to test the effectiveness of an autoclave in sterilizing equipment and materials. These test strips contain a specific type of bacteria,…

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New Dashboard Features

Now, see when we’ve received your test in real time! Looking for a result? All tests are logged in the same day that they are received and will show up…

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Exploring Innovations and Advancements in Dentistry at the Pacific Northwest Dental Conference

The Pacific Northwest Dental Conference is an annual event that brings together dentists, dental hygienists, and other dental professionals from the Pacific Northwest region and beyond. The conference, which is…

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Exploring the Latest Developments in Dentistry at the Idaho State Dental Association Annual Session

The Idaho State Dental Association Annual Session is an event that brings together dentists, dental hygienists, and other dental professionals from the state of Idaho. It is organized by the…

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Need more than just presence/absence testing?

Woodhouse Laboratories offers more than standard presence/absence testing of biological indicators. We are also offer Biological Indicator Population Verification tests. Population verification is useful for: Verifying that your biological indicator…

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COVID-19 Update

We understand how important your infection control testing is – especially right now. Here’s how we’re here to help: Our office is open and continuing to operate under normal business…

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Just Announced: Faster Turnaround Times

Important news from Woodhouse Laboratories – We know that laboratory turn-around times are extremely important for infection control. That’s why we are proud to announce that we have recently completed…

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Steam vs Dry Heat vs Chemical Sterilizers – What’s the difference?

Instrument sterilization is essential to the functioning of many industries. There are several accepted methods that are used to ensure that instruments are sterilized properly. Below we describe 3 of…

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Industry Spotlight: Podiatry

Podiatric physicians provide important services to patients every day, diagnosing and treating conditions affecting the foot, ankle and related structures of the leg. As a health-care provider, podiatric physicians must…

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